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The culture provides and reinforces a climate of care, community, family, and teamwork.

Curiosity is the root of our creativity and results in inventiveness, originality, and innovation.

Collaboration at HBFRC includes communication and shared responsibility.

Career readiness for our students includes earning certifications, refining soft skills, and gathering technology and job skills and competencies that are essential for college, career, business, and/or industry.

Project-based classes embrace real world, product-oriented assignments that allow students to find solutions instead of just answers.

Innovative thinking allows students to reinforce their self-sufficiency and skills to take steps to find solutions and resources when the course of action is unclear.

“Maximize potential” indicates that students, with the aid of teachers and peers, will gather the full capacity of knowledge and skills possible through HBFRC to pursue career passions, which includes learning from mistakes instead of being defined by them, in the Institute of Architecture and Engineering Design and the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing

“Continuous reflection and refining” means student achievement is gained through constantly striving for excellence by self-examining and critically evaluating the process and products.

Visionary advocates are able to connect students, community members, business leaders, innovators, and resources while being lifelong learners, responsible citizens, leaders, and innovators themselves.

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