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Dr. Hale has taught Chemistry and Physics classes at Ooltewah High School for the past fifteen years. His Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry was earned at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His Master's and Doctorate degrees were also awarded at The University of Tennessee's Chattanooga Campus.

Class Information, Classroom Policies, Rules, and Guidelines

Dr. Hale      Fall 2018


Course Description:

General Chemistry explores the materials that make up the things all around us. This course examines the periodic table, the properties of matter and energy, the interactions of atoms in reactions and the mathematical calculations involved in the business of Chemistry. The sequence of topics are: Introduction to Chemistry, Characteristics of Matter, Properties of matter, Atomic Theory, Periodic Table and trends, Bonding, Compound naming and Formula Writing, Types of Reactions, Molar quantities, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Solution Chemistry and Molarity, Solubility, Inter-molecular forces, Acids and Bases, Radioactive decay. This is a lab course and will involve several lab activities.


Non-Negotiables for Students

1. Be respectful to all Administrators, Teachers, and Staff

2. Adhere to dress code and school rules

3. Be on time and be prepared for learning

4. Treat all peers with respect

5. Always show the pride of being an Ooltewah Owl



The following items should be brought to class every day. You will not be permitted to leave the classroom to get any of these items from your locker, after the class has commenced: Homework, textbook, notebook paper and pens and/or pencils, calculator, tissues or other personal items, drinking water.



Classroom grades will be a compilation of the following: tests and quizzes (announced and unannounced), writing assignments and/or portfolios, homework assignments, class participation, performance tasks, effort, conduct, and attendance. Grading Scale: A = 100% - 93%    B = 92% - 85%    C = 84% - 77%    D = 76% - 70%   F = 69% and Below. Please note, the instructor does not round grades automatically. A student's class participation, effort, conduct, and attendance will determine whether, or not, a borderline grade will be rounded.



Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the school day after the assignment was made. Assignments must be turned in on time! Late assignments will not be accepted for full credit! However, all assignments must be completed. Homework is not an option! At the discretion of the teacher, partial credit may be given for a late assignment.


Grammar and Spelling:

The use of good grammar and correct spelling is not limited to the English classroom; both are skills required across the curriculum. These skills are especially important in the study of Science, where the knowledge and understanding of the subject is only part of the discipline; being able to communicate this knowledge is equally important. Students, therefore, will be required to use good grammar and correct spelling in everything they do for this class. On all assignments, students' answers must be written in complete and grammatically correct sentences with everything spelled correctly. The following consequences will apply if these skills are not used: The instructor may choose not to grade or assess any answer that is not written in complete sentences (unless otherwise directed), so, quite possibly, no points will be earned for that answer. A one-half-point deduction may be made for each grammar and spelling error.


Absentee Policy:

It is your responsibility to ask about any missed work! If you had an excused absence (see Student Handbook for what constitutes an excused absence), you will have one day for each day missed to make up any work to receive credit. If you were present on the day an assignment or test was announced, then you are responsible for that assignment or test on the day you return. If the absence is known about in advance, you should contact the instructor before the absence to receive the work you will miss. If your absence was unexcused, you will not be able to make up any missed work(see Student Handbook). All assignments can be found at Group Name Chemistry:    Chemistry Hale Fall 2018  Code: 9wv65n   


Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phone use will not be permitted during this class. While in this class, cell phones and other electronic devices must be in the “silent mode” and put away. No head phones are allowed during class. This policy is designed to protect the educational program of all students. Violations of this policy are subject to administrative discipline as follows: 1st offense – Warning 2nd offense- Administration-Device could be confiscated for 10 days. 3rd offense- Administration-Device could be confiscated for 20 days. 4th offense-Administration-Device could be confiscated for remainder of the school year. All electronic devices will be treated the same as cell phones.


Classroom Rules:

Violations of the following rules may result in warnings from the instructor, removal from class, detentions as assigned by the instructor or administration, notes or telephone calls to your parent(s) or guardian(s), receiving a grade of zero (0) for the assignment on that day, and/or referral to the office. Please understand that all school rules apply to your conduct in this class. Be on time. Be in your seat when the bell rings or you will be considered tardy. If late, be sure to get a pass before you come to class or you will be counted tardy!  Come to class prepared with your homework and assignments completed and with all of the required materials. Sit in your assigned seat unless otherwise directed. You have been provided chairs on which to sit. Do not use the desks, tables, workbenches or countertops for this purpose. Do not ask to leave the classroom unless it is an emergency. Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom after the bell for any reason, unless it is an extreme emergency. Leaving class without permission or being removed from the classroom for misconduct will be interpreted as an unexcused absence from the classroom and may result in a "zero" on all assignments, quizzes, tests, and/or exams done or due in-class that day. Do not talk while I am talking. If you have something to say, raise your hand and wait patiently to be called upon. Everyone shall be expected to follow this rule. One and only one person at a time shall speak in the classroom. There is to be no singing, rapping or drumming noises during class. Do not leave your seat, for any reason, without permission from the teacher. Be polite and respect your classmates and teacher. Verbal abuse of anyone, and obscene or vulgar language will not be tolerated. No horseplay or other rowdy behavior will be tolerated. The language in this class is rated "G". Help keep the room clean. Do not throw papers on the floor. That's why we have wastebaskets, and do not write or make marks on the desks, walls, floors, cabinets, white boards or ceilings that have been loaned to you for your education and comfort. Take good care of your textbook. Taking good care of a textbook means you should not write or store papers in it.  Absolutely no food, beverages, or gum in this classroom. Bottled water is O.K. In fact, Bottled Water is encouraged. This is not a study hall. You are only to work on the subject at hand while in this classroom. The instructor dismisses the class, not the bell! Instructions expressed by the teacher are to be followed upon the first utterance thereof. In other words, do it the first time you are told! Follow the procedures that are provided by your instructor! Enjoy the class, and let's have a great year.



Passes will not be written for you unless requested by another teacher or administrator. Do not ask for passes. You have 10 minutes before and after class to get a drink, visit the restroom and talk to your friends. Prior to directed studies it is your responsibility to procure a pass from a teacher that you need to visit during that time period. This pass should be obtained before the directed studies period. Do not ask for a pass, from me, to visit another teacher. Request that teacher to write a pass for you.


Plagiarism and Cheating:

1. You are expected to turn in your own work and do your own work.  Do not copy or paraphrase the work of others.  Do not copy sentences out of the text book and turn it in as your own work.  Do not copy your lab partner’s answers.  Any plagiarism or cheating will result in a zero for the assignment and a note being placed in your academic folder.

2. When you are working in groups you are expected to do your part of the work.  Do not let anyone else do your work for you and do not do anyone else's work for them.  This will be considered cheating. 


Expectations: (Class participation grades will be based on the following)

1.  You are expected to be in class every day for the full time.

2.  You are expected to bring all of your materials to class.

3.  You are expected to complete your homework and assignments, on time.

4.  You are expected to participate in class by asking questions, thinking, working in groups, doing your work.

5.  You are expected to leave your social lives out of the classroom.  You are in this room to learn.

6.  You are expected to be silent upon entering class, sit down immediately and begin working.

7.  You are expected to have fun, laugh and enjoy class.

8.  You are expected to follow all of the rules especially refraining from speaking when someone else is speaking.

9.  You are expected to make up your work when you must be absent.

10. You are expected to respect yourself, other people and their property.

11. You are expected to dress appropriately and act appropriately.

12. You are expected to do every assignment to the best of your ability.

13. You are expected to regularly check PowerSchool and where grades and assignment information will be found.


Feel free to ask the instructor for help at any time if you have questions or problems. That's what I am here for! I am available, by appointment, during advisory and after school from 2:15-2:45. My e-mail address is

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