eSports Team

The High School eSports League is a competitive gaming league that let's students compete with other school's on several popular games for scholarship money and other prizes. 

The games offered are as follows:
  1. CS - Go - PC
  2. Overwatch - PC
  3. Rocket League - PS4, XBox1, PC, Switch
  4. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Switch
  5. Rainbow Six Siege - PS4, XBox1, PC
  6. Fortnight - PS4, XBox1, PC, Switch
  7. Hearthstone - PC
  8. NBA - 2K - PS4, XBox1
  9. Madden 20 - PS4, XBox1
  10. Minecraft Survival Games - PC
  11. Smite - PC, XBox1, Switch
This is the link to join our club.

The official website can be found here.

The eSports Club Bylaws can be found here.
The eSports Student Contract can be found here.
The HSEL rule book can be found here.
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