2019-20 Quarter 1 News

Sophomore Field Trip to McKee's

The sophomore class of Harrison Bay Future Ready Center attended a job shadowing experience on Tuesday, September 24. Students were given the opportunity to tour the McKee Foods Corporation and inside the production line. They also visited the machine shop and engineering design areas.

“I was surprised at the job opportunities at McKee’s, “ said Riley Cramer. “ I have to admit that meeting Little Debbie was the most fun part, it’s really a great place to work. People there don’t retire and it smells amazing.”

This opportunity allowed the students to see engineering and mechatronics in an applied setting. Students saw the mechanical operations behind making and packaging their products. The machine shop and engineering design observation allowed students to see real-life applications of engineering design principles.

Students were given lunch and treated to snack cakes by the McKee family. Also they were given the opportunity to meet the granddaughter of the founder of the company, Little Debbie herself. She offered stories of how she became the face of the company and her role there now.

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