1. Who are the administrators and how do I contact them?

School Principal - Mr. Gary W. Kuehn

Contact at 423-344-1433

2. How and when are students accepted to a Future Ready Institute?

Applications are accepted in February and March for upcoming 9th grade students. More information can be found on the Hamilton County Dept of Education website.

3. Does Harrison Bay Future Ready Center have a zoned district?

This is a school that houses the Institute of Architecture and Engineering Design and the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics. The home schools for these institutes are Ooltewah High School and Central High School. However, these institutes accept out of zone students per Future Ready Guidelines. All students must apply for acceptance to the school as upcoming 9th grade students.

4. Will transportation be provided by the school system?

Student's will have transportation to and from the two zoned schools, Ooltewah HS and Central HS. 

5. What classes will be offered?

Students will take two institute classes, English, and Science will on HBFRC campus. They will take all other required classes at their home school.

6. Will students with special needs be accepted?

Yes we accept all applicants we can support.

7. Can students be dropped off at Harrison Bay FRC?

Yes parents may drop their student at the Harrison Bay instead of their home school.


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