Honor Roll Students

Students who have all As and Bs here at Harrison Bay will be awarded Honor Role status. The students will be given a reward in recognition.

Fall 2020 Quarter 1 Honor Roll

Honor Roll 1st Semester 2020
PM Honor/Star Roll Students
PM Students left to right: Josh Boles (Honor), Haley Dempsey (Honor), Monica Bush (Honor), Caleb Lancaster (Star), Michael Barr (Honor), Demetrio Dominquez (Honor), Blake Chambers (Honor)
11th Grade Honor/Star Roll
11th Graders left to right: Erik Barros (Star), Cameron Dallas (Honor) 
10th Grade Honor Roll
10th Grade Honor Roll left to right: Andrew Houser, Brandon Keepes, CJ Kolling, Gabby Grey, Reggie Knight, Landon Hanke, Travis Burt
9th Grade Honor Roll
9th Grade Honor Roll left to right: Cameron Crigger, Natali Dominguez, Trevor Lemaster, Jesse Fowler, Adia Donica, Blake Gesslein, James Harris, Simon Fielker
AM B-Day Honor Roll
From left to right: Amy Mercer (Star Roll), Alexis Roth, Rebecia Tipton, Emma Rogers, Braulio Resendiz, Te'Sean Murphy, Andy Morrison, Xander Powell, Will McDaniel

Star Roll Students

Student who have all As here at Harrison Bay will be awarded Star Role status. The students will be given a reward in recognition.

Fall 2020 Quarter 1 Star Roll

Star Roll 1st Semester 2020

AM Students Star Roll Semester 1
AM Star Role A-Day Students left to right: Chloe Baldino, Caelyn Houser, Weston Frick, Dylan Brown, Cruz Johnson, Dakota Holmes 
AM B-Day Star Roll Students
B-Day Star Roll Students
Front Row (left to right): Kimberely Navarro, Katelyn Varnell, Lilly Staddon, Chris Margraves, Kennya Mentado
Back Row (left to right): Tristan Morgan, Makayla Palmer, Cody Rodgers, Justin Martin, Aaron Marrow, Kennedy Pankratz, Morgan Pankratz  
PM B-Day Star/Honor Roll
PM B-Day Star/Honor Roll Students (left to right): Tatum Wallace (Star), Matthew Merfert (Star), Angel Villanueva (Honor), Justin Ramirez (Star), Marcelino Villanueva (Honor), Riley Martin (Star), Kaleb Tran (Star), Damian Thurman (Star), Grant Usher (Star), Matthew Valle (Honor), Evan Osbourne (Star), Mikaelyn Smith (Honor)
At Home student awarded her Star Roll gifts.
Sophomore HCS@Home student Jordan Parker was awarded Star Roll for the 1st Semester.

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